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v Ústí nad Labem 3. – 4. 11. 2018 - Sportcentrum SLUNETA

Tickets are available for Saturday program only. Tickets for Sunday´s program will be available only on cashdesk in the hall (10 EUR tables, 6 EUR tribune).

Select by clicking on the preferred seat(-s).

Click to preferred table. Number of click means number of seats.
Price: 25 EUR
Seats at tables includes served small snack.

Side sectors A, C, D, F - tribune
Reservation for side sectors is without booking of concrete seat. When you click on whatever side sector, you will see pop-up window and you can enter number of required seats.
Price: 8 EUR

Middle sectors B and E - tribune
Reservation of seats in middle sectors guarrantee concrete seat. Select by clicking on required seats.
Price: 10 EUR

Your selection you will see in table under the plan of the hall, where you can change your selection (cross for deleting or minus for reduction of places at the table). To change number of seats in side sectors click again to one of side sectors.



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