Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic 10.–12. 11. 2017 - Sportcentrum SLUNETA

The competition of formations is fighting of eight couples choreography dancing to own choice of music. It means demanding, but attractive co-ordination and harmonization of 16 people in a dance rhythm.

Category of Formations has the special status within Festival  - the longest tradition.
We believe that this special category again contribute to the attaction of the Festival.

The competition in standard dances attended in recent years an unprecedented 7 formations in 2012 and 2013. There competed 5 formations in standard and after long time also one in Latin-american dances in 2015.

Records are available on our partner (Czech TV) website.
2012 - Czech Championship is available 
2013 - 1st part - WDSF World DanceSport Championshipe Senior I Latin

2013 - 2nd part - Czech DanceSport Champioships Showdance and Formations
2014 - Czech DanceSport Championships Showdance and Formations
2015 - Czech DanceSport Championship Showdance and Formations

We are looking forward to welcome you here.

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